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"I decided to use a pair of Liperior 6S 8100mah EC5 35C LiPos in my new HSD 120mm 12S F-86. My goal was to have a nice flying, longer-flight time, big EDF model that was NOT my hot rod big jet (I have a couple of those.) These batteries are very good for this airplane and I set my timer for 4:30, using mostly half to 60% power for cruise and flying and only full power for takeoff and vertical maneuvers, I routinely land with 5 minutes total EDF run time and cell voltages of 3.77 - 3.80 volts per cell and batteries which are only slightly warm. Very nice and economical! "

~ Jeff

"Great company! Good service! Good reliable products. "

~ Rick

"Good pricing for good products "

~ John Pacosky

"I bought two of their Liperior 2200 3 cell batteries and of all the brands I have, I like these the best, they are holding up well and charge evenly, no swelling on discharge or during recharge so far.. I plan to make these folks my go to supplier ! "

~ Terry Bolin

"Great batteries and great service! What's not to like? My orders have been shipped promptly. Prices are competitive and the quality of the products have been great."

~ Rick

"I have been dealing with RC Battery for the last 2 and a half years now. I have nothing but great experiences with them. The products are really top notch . ☆ Great prices ☆ The shipping is top notch and customer service is King. I highly recommend RC Battery for your needs. Keep up the great work RC Battery."

~ Robert Chapman

"I've been using these batteries for about 3 years now and they have a very consistent .. As long as you break these batteries in properly they're a very excellent battery!!! I use these mostly in my jets .. The edf are very hard on batteries and these batteries here hold up very well against the vigorous amp draw.. of the edf... I haven't experienced not one battery that has ran hot!! They have a great cooldown capacity on them which is excellent for running on these high performance jets.. so I recommend to everybody to use these batteries on jets or airplanes they're one of the best batteries I have come across... God bless everybody and be safe..!!!!"

~ Kevin

"I am proud to be able to represent rcbattery.com at some of the events I go to for FMS as their Brand Ambassador, and to be able to also be the Brand Ambassador for rcbattery.com. It's one thing to represent a brand that is just ok, it's another thing to represent a brand that puts out awsome product, and to represent a company that stands behind their product and serves the community with their outstanding product, prices and customer service. I have been very lucky to have been able to to fly with quality packs in the Liperior and LiperiAir lines. Both are great packs and put out super performance in both prop and edf planes. Recently i have received some quality adapters, and battery accessories from rcbattery.com as well a very nice smart charger. Check these items out on their website. I look forward to a long relationship with Brennan and the RCBATTERY.COM team. "

~ Harvie Hardnock

"Great people selling great product at great prices. thanks for that, It allows me to enjoy the hobby"

~ Jim Krynak

"I have been happily dealing with and using RC Batteries for several years and am very happy with service, supply, and battery products. "

~ Daniel Grieco Jr

" Ive been using these batteries for the last 3 yrs now and have experienced only excellence. Great product and great price performance is at the top of the list. Keep up the great work"

~ Robert Stephen Chapman

"Great six cell, 2200 batteries for heli and very reasonably priced! Thank you "

~ Warren Raia

"Awsome batteries.. Over exceeding other name brands"

~ Sergio Soto

"I have been buying 3S and 4S Lipos from RCBattery.com for more than 4 years. I fly my aircraft year-round for 2 to 12 hours each week in temps from 10F to 95F. I do not discharge lower than 3.7 volts per cell and never charge at greater than 1C. I have yet to have any of the lipos I have ever purchased from them fail. I have contacted their customer service a few times (after having made some mistakes), and they quickly and courteously corrected my mistakes. I do not buy Lipos from any other sources. Nobody has matched their quality for the price I pay. When you have the best, you don't need the rest. I am very pleased with this company and their batteries. "

~ Mark Dufek

"I have used many different manufacturers lipos in my 28 years of RC flying, and the Liperior and LiperiAir lipos are way better. The LiperiAir line packs amazing performance and punch, and I am finding they have longer flight times as well when compared to other brands. You cannot go wrong with rcbattery.com, the quality and customer service is the best on the market. "

~ Harvie Hardnock

"Very happy with RCBattery.com, found them by chance, made an order came in perfect and fast, I feel like I got allot of bang for the buck. This is where I will buy from from now on! Excellence at its best!"

~ Bob e

"Have been buying my batteries (several of them) here for the past couple of years and have had great success. No issues with any of them. They all perform well and pricing is much better than other battery retailers."

~ Denis Routhier

"The 1350 mah 6s batteries are the best batteries and they go on flash sale at times for $20 a piece and that’s a steal! Super solid batteries, packaging, professionalism of the company is all 5/5."

~ Hossein

"Lots of choices, quality products, in stock, great prices. What's not to love."

~ Doak Boettiger

"I’m a newbie to the RC HOBBY, so I’m learning as I go n as situations come up. The people at RC BATTERY have been lifesavers. They are very knowledgeable about the power needed to make whatever RC field you enjoy. They were able to help me get what I needed n at a great price. They also allowed me to return 2 batteries I purchased, n found out after I received the batteries that they would not work with my Rc plane. So to all the people that love this Rc hobby thing , when it comes to powering up your plane, car, truck n even boats the people at RC BATTERIES are a few NOTCHES above n beyond the competition. Thank you RC BATTERY."

~ Kenneth

"Bought several of the 2s/3s 450 for my WillyNillies.com aircraft. They consistently outrun other brands and don't die in storage over the winter months. Very pleased with their 2200/3300/5000 batteries in RC cars too."

~ Roger Wheeler

"I purchased two 6S 5000mAh 65c Liperior batteries for my Fliteline 1600mm Spitfire. The batteries worked well and was able to fly the 'Spit' at half throttle for 6+ minutes each. Great price too!."

~ Gerald Smolinski

"RCBattery has been great to deal with. They have a great selection of lipos at reasonable prices and often have sales that make the prices even better. Customer service has been spectacular. I had an issue with one battery and they immediately sent a replacement. Definitely my lipo source from now on! "

~ Larry

"I've been buying batteries from RCBattery.com for several years. Good service, great prices, and great batteries. I've spent several hundred dollars and never been disappointed."

~ Ed Sherrod

"Have been flying the new 6S-6000 80C Liperiair packs for a few months now. But mostly in my 100 Amp FreeWing Avanti EDF. Only recently have I been able to put them in the 130 Amp FW T-45 Goshawk. Even though each pack has 60 cycles on it, they are performing great even under this increased load. "

~ Russell

"My wing man maddening his FMS 64mm Futura on Liperiair 4s 2200mah pack, great performance with Liperiar packs "

~ Harvie Hardnock

"Nice prices on your LiPo batteries. Appreciate the email on the Thanksgiving special."

~ Albert Burton

"I purchased two Liperior 2200MaH, 50C, 4S batteries for my prop planes and have found the performance equal to or better than the more expensive batteries I've been using from HH. Customer service has been top-notch!"

~ Gerald Smolinski

"Great service and products at RCBattery.com, I messed up by not noticing the time zone for their Happy Hour/impulse-buying sale (time zone "PDT" prominently displayed in bold type), but they still helped me out. The Lipitor batteries fly great. I regularly fly 6s (Pitts 1400mm and T-33), 4s (Extra 300, et al), and 3s (T-28 1100mm). Other pilots tell me good reports too."

~ Steven

"I have used Liperior in my prop planes and my edf Jets and they have performed very nice, the LiperiAir is my first choice, I was very impressed with the performance, and the fact that they are lighter packs. Check them out, you won't be disappointed."

~ Harvie

"Liperior batteries powering my A10. Twin 64's ,4s. Great customer service. Had some previous damaged batteries due to shipping. No questions they were replaced asap."

~ Michael Zietsoff

"Ordered two 2s 1000mah packs on Friday and they were delivered to my door on Monday. Fantastic service."

~ Thomas J Smith

"RC Batteries has been my go to lipos for several years. They have a great product matched with excellent service and fast shipping. Thank you"

~ Leonardo Ponce

"Purchased several batteries from 3S to 4S and they all are excellent. They hold their charge, dis-charge perfectly and are exactly what is advertised. I never charge my batteries over 1C, the packs hold their shape and I have not experienced any puffing up or bulging. These are great batteries I would highly recommend. Fast friendly service, fast shipping and great prices. Thanks RC Battery!"

~ Peter

"Purchased two 1800 liperior pack and received excellent customer service and fast shipping. Definitely will buy again!"

~ Andre

"Best battery values out there. Excellent quality and live up to their capacity and discharge ratings consistently. Have been a customer since day one and am still flying those packs 3 years later.
Five star products and customer service. What’s not to like?!"

~ Loren Banko

"A buddy of mine told me about these batteries. I purchased a couple small ones to try. I was so pleased I bought more. I'm currently replacing ALL of my packs from other companies to these. My last order included a sticker sheet. These will be used to help promote a brand I believe in. Every order should include at least one sticker."

~ Daren

"Great quality, fantastic value and selection. Been flying electric on Lipo for over 20 years."

~ Dave Patrick

"I’ve purchased a number of batteries from RC Battery.com and have never been disappointed with my purchases. The batteries have all performed very well. And the pricing is very reasonable even with paying border crossing fees into Canada. Keep up the good work."

~ Denis

"I have been using RC batteries in my boats for the last 4 years. They take a lot of abuse but hold up very well. What I like best is fact there doesn't seem to be a fictious C rating. I can only go by performance, the heat generated discharge rate by diff. similar batteries. Nothing scientific."

~ Gary Rose

"Great people to deal with. Every one was kind and vary helpful. Products arrive fast and in perfect condition. Vary happy with what I hought."

~ John Krusinsky

"I just got my order of 12 lipos . It came perfect condition.. I live here in Guam and have nowhere else to get lipos..will order more..even the ordering process was easy. Thanks so much.. I am back in the air again..and YES the prices are awesome. Thanks Again. "

~ Ken cabral

"Richard, the owner of RCBattery.com, is very honest in his business ethics and prices. In my opinion, too honest. His prices are too low and I have informed him many times but he sticks by his morals of providing the best quality LiPo's and at the lowest price. I met him in person in Sydney, AUS in 2019 and he is as nice in person as online. I have been given many packs to test and I can assure you your (our) best interests are his goal. I have also purchased many packs for my 60 plus models and to date, NOT A SINGLE PACK HAS FAILED ME. Granted, I know more about LiPo battery best practices than most but even my flying and RC car/truck buddies have had a very good track record with these packs. If you have any issue with an order or failure please contact him via email, NOT through a RC forum personal message, and he will do his best to make it right. Stay safe and have fun hobbyists, Rick "

~ Rick Distler

"The LiPo hobby battery industry is a jungle. There are relatively few manufacturers of the cells we use and those manufacturers often have substantially larger markets. The brand name on the cells really often only assert to today's best commercial/performance/consistency deal the battery vendor could achieve. Some "big brand" names have pretty clearly focussed on marketing and sponsored reputation rather than genuine Quality Assurance. Serious independent testing on RCGroups and elsewhere has shown without any doubt that in many cases the Emperor has no clothes. However some vendors have concentrated on consistent high quality cells and spend substantial effort on holding the manufacturer to their quality standards. Liperior is one of the very few that I can confidently assert consistently do that in the many years I have been testing hobby LiPos under carefully controlled test conditions. They have targeted the "value for money - but high performance" market and have worked assiduously to maintain the quality of their packs. "

~ John

"Rcbattery's packs have always provided a great balance of power, weight, and value! An excellent example of power is being able to do a full Vertical-8 manoeuver with my Freewing Avanti 80mm EDF jet. The Liperior 6S-4000 60C lipo does this really well. But the 6S-6200, though slightly heavier, provides a bit more power for this manoeuver, good power/weight ratio, and 5 minute duration (which is excellent duration for a jet)."

~ Russ T

"Have won 3 batteries in raffle's and have bought more and have never had any problems. All are still currently in use. I expect to buy more."

~ David G. Miller

"As a person who has been in the hobby for years starting out with nitro to power our planes to electric that is most common in planes, helis and cars and trucks you are always looking for a battery that is reliable and has a good price point. RCBATTERY.COM fits the bill perfectly. There website is easy to get around, customer services is top notch and shipping is quick to any part of the USA. The variety of batteries and price point drive me back here time and time again. Not only can you have your hobby needs meet they also have batteries that can fit your scooter or e-bike needs. The power throughout the time your flying or driving is consistent with no power loss at all. The IR after each charge is low charge after charge that's one way you know these batteries are high quality. I'll keep coming bach to rcbatteries for years to come because of all the above. Thank you RCBATTERY.COM for quality and a great price day after day."

~ Bob Watson

"Very good battery and the price is Razonable "

~ Elio Carballo

"When you need a quality battery, add an incredible price that outperforms the top brands look no further. An incredible team of people that are super friendly and helpful answering every question especially Richard. He has been an incredible help and these batteries. Have a very low IR rating, as well as light weight, smaller, and thinner than other brands Quality silicone wires and a very firm feeling pack after multiple cycles. I can say that these are the best batteries I have tried today. Shipping is fast and easy. Website is super easy to navigate. "

~ Jeff West

"I have run 8 different Liperior LIPOs and am a big fan of their batteries! In my experience, the new LiperiAir line is outstanding and these LIPOS are absolute MONSTERS. The 3s LiperiAir 6,000 in particular is a screamer and my best speed run LIPO. It is even faster than my SMC 3s 135C 5,200 which is really impressive. The Liperior Pro 5,000 is also VERY powerful as is my LiperiAir 6,200. The LiperiAir 3s 850 is also an excellent little battery and on par or even a little better than my Tattu 3s 850 which is a great battery in its own right. The only Liperior LIPO I found underwhelming was the Endurance series 3s 5,200. It probably performs well in a crawler or something that doesn't demand a lot of burst current. That being said, in my high demand RC vehicles it was not very impressive and there are better options in the Liperior lineup! Even my standard Liperior yellow case 2s 5,000 mAh LIPO has performed impressively blowing my other 2s LIPOs out of the water and recently brining my Traxxas Bandit up to well over 70 mph (and I may well get it to 75 mph and beyond) on the stock power system (with very tall gearing). If you are looking for a budget friendly LIPO Liperior's LIPOs are a very good option providing excellent band for the buck!"

~ Brian Churchill

"I have been using these batteries for at least three years now. All have performed flawlessly. I am using batteries from 2 cells to 6 cells in a variety of airplanes. They charge well and discharge easily if I do not fly that day after charging. All cells continue to be properly balanced after numerous charge/discharge cycles. "

~ Don Paddock

"I haven’t found anything not to like with my collection of RCBattery products. The price- awesome. Performance- awesome. This is my go to battery supplier and to top it all off, they’ve been very supportive of the RC club that I belong to. "

~ Dave Holland

"Good reliable batteries with good IR ratings and weights at good prices, what more could you ask for? "

~ Rob C Opgenorth

"Richard and the team at RCBattery have been a breeze to work with. They clearly put the customer first - and above all, their batteries deliver. We'd highly suggest utilizing RCBattery LiPos - you won't regret it from both a price and quality of product standpoint. Happy landings! "

~ Tail Heavy Productions

"I've been an RCbattery customer since September of 2020 and have purchased 43 battery packs all of which are still healthy and in use. Over the last two years nearly every guy at my club has decided to use Liperior and Liperior Pro packs, and I've never heard a single complaint. Don't let their reasonable prices fool you. Liperior, Liperior Pro, and LiperiAir batteries are THE REAL DEAL, and all my club members say the same thing. Liperior packs (yellow) are a fantastic every day flyer battery. Liperior Pro (black) are great for high amp applications such as EDF's and pylon racers. The new (as I'm writing this) Liperiair (also black) packs just blow my socks off with extremely low resistance under load or even it the winter cold. I was particularly surprised with their performance in the freezing cold -- they performed as well as you'd expect on any summer day. When I received my first LiperiAir packs and tested them with the Giles ESR meter I thought my eyes were deceiving me. Never below had I sees such low resistance in packs of that size, and never before had I seen a "Figure of Merit" (google it) so good. If the longevity of the LiperiAir match the longevity of the Liperior and Pro packs I've been using one can almost say "game changer" without feeling silly. I've never received a pack with a problem (I have a few dozen packs). I've been acquainted with a couple individuals who have had issues with new packs -- and RCbattery management took care of them to their complete satisfaction with no hassle at all. I can say without any equivocation that this avid RC hobbyist recommends RCbattery.com 100% 24/7/365"

~ R. Scott Page

"I've used Liperiors for years in all my 6s,8s,10s,12s high speed Jets as well as extreme flight Pantera and outlaw and 60" 3d ships. I also use them in Rc Boats, quads, wings. They have great ir, balanced cells and deliver good punch while having long term durability. The lipos provide excellent performance and a terrific price point. A+ Richard also provides good customer service and stands behind his product. "

~ Jim Reilley