RCBattery.com recognizes that privacy is a fundamental human right and further recognizes the importance of privacy, security and data protection to our customers. All your personal data that we collect such as Name, Address, Email address, banking details, and IP address is used for the primary purpose of allowing us to improve your customer experience. We will never provide personal information to 3rd parties outside of those trusted companies listed on this page, and great care is taken to ensure that all information is secure and confidential. You will not receive cold calls or junk mail as a result of visiting RCBattery.com. You can also be assured that this information is completely secure and safe. In fact, some of the cookies are used purely to protect your data and your account. RCBattery.com is GDPR compliant. Customers may request to have their personal information deleted from RCBattery.com's databases and third parties affiliated with the company. Customers may request for their data to no longer be processed or receive a soft copy of the collected data delivered to either themselves or a third party. To request access to your personal information, use our Contact Us form or contact our Data Protection Officer directly at dataprivacy@rcbattery.com