Lipo Bags

Explosion-Proof LiPo safety Bags for Safe Storage of Your Batteries

Are you using LiPo batteries to power your Remote-Controlled devices like RC cars, drones, RC helicopters, or UAVs? If yes, one of the essential accessories you must have is a good-quality, sturdy, and fire-proof LiPo charging bag.

At RCBattery, we are committed to ensuring that your experience with RC devices is safe and enjoyable. Hence, besides high-caliber LiPo batteries, we also stock accessories like chargers and LiPo bag.

As a newbie RC device owner, you might wonder why LiPo safe bag is essential for safely storing batteries. However, having spent years in the industry, our experts can attest that most accidents caused by LiPo batteries are caused because they were not stored properly. Read More

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Our LiPo bags are made with highly sustainable, durable, and fire-resistant materials. Moreover, these bags are shock-proof, so you can rest assured that your batteries will remain safe in them.

You can browse through our range of safety bags, LiPo batteries, and other essential accessories or consult our experts to help you select what best fits your needs.

Why Use LiPo Safety Bags for Your Batteries?

As RC device enthusiasts, you will agree that LiPo batteries are highly versatile, and they find applications in various devices. However, one of the biggest hazards of these batteries is that they are highly flammable. Hence, correctly storing them is a necessity.

At RCBattery, your safety is our biggest concern. Hence, our experts have put together a comprehensive guide outlining the importance of a LiPo charging bag or safety bag for keeping LiPo batteries when not in use.

Fire Safety

LiPo batteries can be dangerous if not handled correctly. They overheat quickly and have the potential to cause a fire or explosion. You can avoid such untoward circumstances by storing your LiPo batteries in fire-proof Lipo safety bags. In the event of a battery failure, these bags can contain flames or smoke.

Compliance with Regulations

The United States of America has strict regulations regarding the safe handling of LiPo batteries. The regulations mandate using fire-proof LiPo safety bags for storing and transporting batteries.


Fire-proof safety bags are easy to use and store. They come in various sizes and, depending on their size, store more than one LiPo battery. Moreover, since they are made with fire-resistant materials, they protect the batteries in case of an accidental fire in the vicinity of where you store them.


Fire-proof LiPo safe bags are a cost-effective safety measure that can help you save thousands of dollars in damages. LiPo batteries, when stored incorrectly, can become a fire hazard. So these bags are an inexpensive way to avoid expensive damages in case there is a battery failure.


All our LiPo bags are made with high-quality, sustainable, and durable materials that last for years. They are reusable, making them a sustainable and environmentally-friendly battery storage and transportation option.

Easy to Identify

Our safety bags are brightly colored and have warning labels printed on them. It makes for easy identification and ensures that people know the bag's contents and handle it appropriately. This can help prevent accidental damage to the batteries and reduce the risk of fires or explosions due to mishandling.

At RCBattery, we understand the importance of safely storing and maintaining LiPo batteries. Hence, we bring you an extensive collection of LiPo-safe bags to correctly store your batteries and reduce the chance of mishaps or accidents.