RC Car Lipo Batteries

High Power RC Car Battery Pack

As the interest in RC devices increases, one area that has seen massive growth is the technology driving the RC car battery. In recent times, especially over the last few years, RC enthusiasts have started switching over from bulky Nickel Metal Hydride batteries to more lightweight LiPo RC car batteries.

The LiPo batteries, also known as Lithium Polymer batteries, are unique in their composition. Besides being lightweight, these batteries are available in all sizes and are compatible with various devices.

But what makes batteries for rc cars different from their counterparts? You see, the LiPo batteries utilize Lithium-ion technology, and instead of the conventional liquid electrolyte, they use a polymer one. Typically, a LiPo Remote car battery pack comprises a set of individual cells connected together in series to generate the current to drive your RC car.
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Continue scrolling through to learn more about why our experts at RCBattery advocate using LiPo RC car batteries over Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) ones.

  • The weight-to-power ratio of LiPo batteries is significantly higher than that of NiMH batteries.
  • Unlike NiMH batteries, whose power output gradually decreases as the charge falls, LiPo RC car batteries provide a stable and sustained power output.
  • LiPo batteries are easy-to-use and compatible with a wide range of devices.
  • The LiPo batteries are available in various sizes. Hence they are becoming a common battery type for various RC devices.
  • Another advantage of LiPo RC car batteries is that the “Memory Effect” is almost nonexistent. In other words, you do not have to discharge the battery completely before charging.

Having said that, as an RC car owner, you will want access to the best-quality rc car battery. At RCBattery, we understand that, and hence we bring you the most comprehensive collection of high-performance LiPo batteries and other accessories so you can harness a seamless performance from your RC cars and devices.

Safety Tips for Correctly Maintaining Your RC Car Battery Pack

At RCBattery, our experts say that properly maintaining your RC car battery ensures it continues to function optimally. Moreover, when you maintain and store the battery correctly, you are more likely to avoid accidental breakdowns.

Our years in the industry have taught us that people often fail to realize that LiPo RC car batteries are one of the costliest aspects of maintaining an RC device. Hence, we have put together some handy yet effective tips that will help ensure the longevity of your RC car battery and boost its performance.

Continue scrolling to learn more about the correct way of maintaining your LiPo batteries.

  • Always charge your LiPo RC car battery using a balance charger. As the name suggests, this charger ensures a balanced charge distribution so that none of the cells in the battery pack is overcharged or undercharged.
  • Store the batteries at room temperature in a cool and dry place. Moreover, keep them away from direct sunlight, heat, or extreme variations in pressure conditions.
  • When you set up the RC car battery pack for charging, ensure you do so in an open space with plenty of room. Additionally, before you start charging, clear the room of any flammable materials to avoid accidents or mishaps.
  • Avoid purchasing and using second-hand LiPo RC car batteries. You never know what defects these batteries might have & why the owners wish to sell them.
  • If your vehicle needs a new battery, always rely on experts and genuine sellers, such as RCBattery, to help you find the best-quality LiPo batteries for RC cars that match your specifications.
  • Before investing in batteries for remote control cars, you must carefully go over the device specifications. This way, you can select a battery that will help you harness the best performance from your RC cars.

Do you still have questions about correctly maintaining your RC car battery, or do you wish to purchase a new one? No matter your concerns, our experts at RCBattery are always ready to help you address them.