Choose Reliable AC/DC Battery Balance Chargers

Lithium Polymer batteries, popularly known as LiPo batteries, are rechargeable batteries increasingly used for Remote-Controlled devices. These batteries are quickly gaining popularity because they are versatile and lightweight compared to the Nickel Metal Hydride ones.

However, a downside of these batteries is that they are very unstable. Thus, they require special handling. As experienced professionals in the industry, we have witnessed enough mishaps caused by the mishandling of batteries. Thus, our experts recommend taking extra precautions when handling them. For instance, use only AC/DC Lipo Battery balance chargers for charging your devices. Read More

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What is a AC/DC LiPo Battery Balance Charger?

When charging a multipack LiPo battery, there is a high possibility that some cells in the battery pack develop a higher charge than others. Moreover, these batteries are susceptible to overcharging. Therefore, ensuring that all the cells in your battery pack get charged to a uniform level becomes essential.

Hence, at RCBattery, our experts recommend using a AC/DC balance battery charger to ensure uniform charge distribution to all cells in your battery pack. These chargers use a connector to monitor the voltage of every cell in the pack. Thus, you can manually adjust and control the charge flow to individual cells in the pack.

At RC Battery, we stock the broadest range of balance battery chargers compatible with all LiPo batteries. Whether you need a charger for your 1S LiPo battery or a 6S LiPo battery charger, we have everything you need!

Safety Tips for Correctly Handling Your AC/DC LiPo Balance Battery Charger

As we have mentioned earlier, LiPo batteries are highly volatile, so when working with them, you need to take extra precautions to avoid accidents and mishaps. One of the things that RC hobbyists must always ensure is that they should practise extreme caution while charging their batteries.

At RCBattery, we have extensive experience assisting our clients and helping them understand the correct way to operate their AC/DC balance battery charger. This not only extends the longevity of your battery, but with uniform charging, its performance also enhances significantly. So, we have curated some tips to help you understand how to use your LiPo battery balance charger for maximum efficiency.

  • Ensure that your wall adapter has an output range of 11V to 18V. Additionally, the adapter must have a DC barrel connector that will get inserted into your LiPo balance battery charger.
  • Turn the charger ON and check the charging mode. Change the mode to LiPo balance charge mode before plugging in your battery pack for charging.
  • Your LiPo battery comes with a JST-XH connector, which is used for monitoring the charge distribution and charging status with the help of a monitor. You have to plug in the connector with your charger before starting the charging process.
  • Connect the battery terminals with the charger. While doing so, always remember to connect the negative terminals first. Now, you might notice some sparks when you connect the positive terminal, but that is normal, and you shouldn’t worry about it.
  • Set an approximate charging rate and start charging the battery pack. Constantly monitor the charging levels and adjust the rate accordingly.

Our team of experts has operated in the industry for several years. And we are dedicated to helping you utilize the full potential of your LiPo batteries and enhance their longevity.