4S LiPo Batteries

Best-in-Class 4S LiPo Battery for RC Devices

Every high-performing RC device needs a high-calibre 4s lipo batteries. At RCBattery, we understand the need for well-functioning, efficient battery packs, and hence, our experts have curated a diverse range of 4 cell LiPo batteries for various RC applications. 4s Lipo Batteries could be for mobiles, laptops, radio-controlled aircraft, vehicles, and so on. Even with such prevalent applications, there’s still a bit of unawareness about these battle-tested batteries. Read more

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We at RCBattery, believe that the optimum performance of a 4S lipo battery is only possible with sound awareness and safety.

These rechargeable Lithium-Polymer batteries consist of cells connected in series. It means Lipo battery 4S is short for 4 cells in SSeries. Each of these cells has a nominal or default voltage of 3.7, which makes a 4 cell LiPo battery 14.8v.

With such a tremendous power level, a 4s LiPo battery can help any RC device reach its full potency. However, the output current capacity of these batteries is often limited by connectors and wires.

Our LiPo battery 4S features two primary sets of cables.

  • Charging Cables: These cables enable the battery to charge as well as balance the cells. An example can be the JST-XH plug.
  • Discharging Cables: In general, discharging cables feature XT60 or EC5 plugs. It’s cardinal to discharge a LiPo and set it at the proper storage voltage, so it doesn’t drop below 3.0V per cell.

Our team of professionals are always at hand to guide you concerning the usage and maintenance of a 4-cell LiPo battery. Make it a point to learn all essential information about these high-performing batteries before using them.

How to Charge and Discharge Our 4S LiPo Batteries?

Though these batteries are perfectly safe to handle, overcharging and over-discharging can lead to accidents and injuries. Thus, there’s much need to learn the correct ways of charging and discharging a 4S LiPo battery.

Take a look at the quick guide curated by our RCBattery experts.

The Right Method for Charging RC Batteries

Essentially, the cells in a battery pack must strike a balance. Overcharging a 4S LiPo battery is a potential safety hazard. When you charge RC batteries using a regular charger, there is a chance of unbalanced charge distribution. This leads to over or under charging.

A LiPo is overcharged at 16.8 Volts overall, which is beyond 4.2V per cell. It could mean some cells are overcharged while others are undercharged.

Going beyond this limit shortens the life of the battery. Most importantly, your battery may overheat and burst into flames. Therefore, our experts highly recommend using a balanced battery charger for charging your LiPo batteries.

Our Experts’ Advice to Safely Discharge

As part of the maintenance, It’s vital to discharge the battery in a controlled environment. Hence, we ensure our balanced battery chargers also feature a discharge option.

After purchasing a new battery, we recommend to fully discharge (and charge) it several times in controlled conditions. For this, you need to ascertain the maximum safe discharge capacity of the battery. It is calculated by dividing the battery’s capacity by (100 x C). “C” in this equation stands for discharge rating or C rating.

The standard limit of charge/discharge cycles for a 4-cell LiPo battery is 250 to 300. Having said that, when a battery fails to deliver its capacity or bloats while charging or discharging, it should be discarded immediately.

How to Safely Store Our LiPo Battery 4S?

A LiPo 4-cell battery is a flammable item; thus, it needs caution while handling, storing, and traveling. For starters, keep the battery in “storage mode” before storing it. In this mode, the voltage per cell must be at 3.8v.

  • Most current computerized chargers at RCBattery feature a LiPo storage function that either charges or discharges the batteries to that voltage, as necessary. In addition, storing it in a metal box or a LiPo bag is also essential.
  • It may be alright to store a 4S RC battery in a discharged state if it’s only for one day. When it extends for more than a day, our experts advise utilizing storage mode without fail. It is not worth the risk!
  • A 4S battery LiPo needs to be in storage mode during your travels also. Each airline has its regulations as to carrying LiPo batteries, so make sure you check them beforehand. You will also be better off covering the connectors with a cover cap or tape. Lastly, put the battery in a LiPo bag to avoid any further concerns or questions from the airline authorities.

The final red flag to steer clear of is carrying a damaged LiPo 4S battery during a flight journey. It puts you and everyone else at risk.

Find the Right LiPo Batteries with RC Battery

Consider your needs and the below aspects of 4S LiPo batteries, and you will find the perfect fit for your requirements.

  • Physical dimensions of the battery
  • Connectors
  • Capacity
  • C rating
  • Cell count

Feel free to connect with our RCBattery professionals if you have any concerns while browsing through our collection, and we will help you get the best 4S LiPo battery.

Our widest range of 4S LiPo batteries awaits you.