5S LiPo Batteries

Lightweight 5S LiPo Battery for Enhanced Performance

LiPo batteries are quickly becoming a popular choice for powering various remote-controlled (RC) devices, such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), drones, RC cars, and more. These batteries are lightweight and significantly boost your device's performance compared to the older Nickel batteries.

The LiPo batteries derive their name from the Lithium electrode and the polymer electrolyte inside it. These batteries are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, depending on the number of cells connected in series inside them. For instance, a 5S LiPo battery comprises five individual cells connected in series inside it.

At RCBattery, we understand that matching your RC device with a suitable LiPo battery is essential to enhance its performance and extend its durability and longevity. Thus, our experts bring you the most comprehensive range of high-performance, high-caliber LiPo batteries.

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Get Enhanced Performance with High-Caliber 5S LiPo Batteries

Our experts at RCBattery say that when choosing a battery for your RC gadgets, opt for one that matches your device's specifications rather than the best one available. So, we have created a comprehensive guide to help you look at the parameters to help you pick 5S LiPo batteries that are best suited for your gadgets.

Here is a breakdown of how the different components of the LiPo 5S battery affect the various aspects of your RC device's performance.

Battery Capacity

The golden rule of LiPo batteries states, "the higher the battery capacity, the greater the performance!" However, this enhanced performance comes at a price— it increases the battery mass, which in turn, weighs down your RC device.

Our experts recommend that you test your device with RC batteries of varying capacities before purchasing one. Based on your analysis, choose a battery that gives your RC device optimal performance without weighing it down much.

C-Rating/Discharge Rate

Before purchasing a 5S LiPo battery, you must determine your purpose. In other words, do you want high speeds and fast deliveries or consistent delivery at low speeds? Once you have decided, choose a battery that matches your needs.

Generally speaking, if the battery capacity is too high, it will weigh down your RC device. Conversely, if the capacity is too low, it will slow down the device. Speak with our experts, and they will help you choose a LiPo battery based on the specifications of your RC device or gadget.

Current Drawn

This is the most crucial factor in determining the correct LiPo 5S battery for your device. Our experts say that it is essential that you should purchase a battery that can provide sufficient current to your device so it doesn't end up overheating.

You can determine the total current your RC device consumes by adding the current drawn by its engine and the current drawn by the other parts and pieces. Based on the sum of these two entities, you can select a 5S LiPo battery for your device.


A higher voltage LiPo battery allows the motor of the RC device to spin at a faster RPM. Thus, before purchasing a 5S LiPo battery, you must check your device for the recommended voltage range and choose accordingly. This way, you can avoid damaging the motor of your RC device by selecting an incompatible battery.

At RCBattery, we are dedicated to helping you find suitable LiPo batteries for your RC devices' enhanced performance and longevity. Choose from the broadest selection of RC batteries, or connect with us for assistance in selecting the right one for your needs.