3S LiPo Batteries

Premium-Quality 3S LiPo Battery for High-Performing RC Devices

At RCBattery, our experts have extensive experience working with LiPo batteries and chargers. Whether you are starting as an RC car enthusiast or a seasoned hobbyist, one of the essential devices in your kit is a 3S LiPo battery. Read more

We are committed to helping you find superior quality 3S LiPo batteries that offer best-in-class performance for your devices. Hence, we stock a wide range of batteries and chargers that go well with your RC devices. Here is what we guarantee when you purchase a LiPo 3-cell battery from us:

  • Find superior-quality batteries that are compatible with a wide range of electronic gadgets and RC devices.
  • Our range of batteries is lightweight and comes with a higher energy density for better performance.
  • These batteries come in various sizes, and you can customize them as per your needs.
  • Our batteries provide a balanced power output, giving your devices a deeper throttle when operating.

Are you looking for high-performing batteries that boost the performance of your RC devices? Look no further than our extensive range of best-quality 3S LiPo batteries for all your needs.

Charging Precautions You Should Know to Safely Charge Your RC 3S LiPo Battery

Our experts recommend using a LiPo balance charger to charge your 3S LiPo battery safely. One of the most significant advantages of using this charger is that it balances the charge distribution across all the cells in the battery pack. Moreover, you can use the balance charger to monitor the charge distribution in real-time and adjust it as you see fit.

The balance charger is identified by the balance connector slot in addition to the main power connectors. This feature allows the operator to monitor the charge levels across the different cells and adjust accordingly.

Our experts at RCBattery recommend these tips on correctly charging your LiPo battery with a 3S mark for enhanced performance and durability:

  • Connect the balance charger’s power slots with the power connectors. Remember to connect the red connector with the positive slot and the black one with the negative slot.
  • Next, connect the power connectors to your 3-cell LiPo battery. Remember that the black clamp connects with black and the red one with red.
  • Finally, connect your battery’s balance connector with the designated slot on your balance charger.
  • Turn on your balance charger and ensure it is set to the Balance Charge’ setting.
  • Next, select the battery type on your charger. Double-check the connections and ensure that you’ve connected the clamps and slotted them in the right place.
  • Once you have checked everything, press the Start button to charge your 3S LiPo battery.

The balance charger will now monitor the charge distribution to the cells in your 3-cell LiPo battery and ensure that all the cells in the battery pack receive equal charges.

At RCBattery, we work with a team of experts with years of experience in the industry. And we are dedicated to sourcing and stocking the most extensive range of 3S LiPo batteries and other essentials necessary for the smooth functioning of your electronic gadgets and RC devices. Browse through our range or consult our experts to find equipment that suits your every need.