6S LiPo Batteries

High-Power 6S LiPo Battery for Your RC Devices

Recent times saw a sudden spike in the applications of Remote Controlled Devices and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for recreational and commercial purposes. This rise in their application has also led to the development of high-functional batteries to power them.

LiPo batteries, better known as Lithium Polymer batteries, are one of the latest batteries that RC enthusiasts affirm provide their devices with maximum power, boosted performance, and an extended lifespan. And depending on the specifications of your RC device, you can choose from 1S to 6S LiPo battery.

The LiPo batteries are better than their Nickel electrode-powered counterparts because they implement Lithium-ion technology. However, instead of a liquid electrolyte, they use a polymer one. This allows your LiPo batteries to power your devices better without weighing them down.

At RCBattery, we understand your need to have access to the best quality batteries for your devices, irrespective of whether you are a beginner in the world of RC devices or a veteran. Hence, we stock a wide range of the best-quality 6S LiPo batteries and other accessories to help ensure your devices continue to perform optimally for the longest time. Read More

Choose the Ideal LiPo 6S Battery

Our experts at RCBattery state that selecting the correct battery is vital in determining how your RC device will perform. Therefore, you must consider all essential factors before investing in 6S LiPo batteries for your gadgets. Thus, our experts have compiled a comprehensive list of some pointers you should keep in mind when selecting a LiPo battery.

Battery Size

The battery size is important in determining the flight experience of your remote-controlled drones and UAVs. In other words, your RC device will perform at its best when it is not overweight. Thus, when you consider the physical size of a 6-cell LiPo battery, choose a size that fits your device without any adjustments.

Battery Voltage

Generally speaking, the higher your battery's voltage, the better your RC device's performance will be. In the case of a LiPo battery, the number of cells in the battery pack determines its total voltage. Each cell in the battery is connected in series, and all of them have a safe operating voltage ranging between 3V to 4.2V.

For instance, if your LiPo battery has a 6S marking, it implies it's composed of 6 cells connected in series. Thus, the safe operating voltage range for your 6S LiPo battery will range between 18V (=6*3V) and 25.2V (=6*4.2V).

Battery Capacity

As an RC device enthusiast, you will want the best performance for your device. The best way to ensure that is by choosing a LiPo 6S battery pack with the highest capacity. However, in doing so, you must ensure that the battery weight is as per your RC device's specifications. Otherwise, it will weigh down the device and significantly affect its performance.

Current Drawn

Before selecting 6S LiPo batteries for your device, you must calculate the total current it consumes. You can use the formula below to calculate the same:
Total Current Drawn = Current Drawn by the Engine + Current Drawn by Other Components

Once you have calculated the total current consumption, you can start looking at our extensive range of batteries to select one that will provide your device with similar current levels.

Discharge Rating or C Rating

The overall performance of your RC device or gadget depends heavily on its discharge rate. Speaking from our years of experience, it is always wise to choose a LiPo battery with a 6S marking and a higher C Rating for better performance. However, the downside of choosing batteries is that they usually weigh down your device. So, it is always best to select one that conforms with the specified C Rating of your device.

The trick to ensuring the continued excellent performance of your RC device is to select a battery that matches its specifications without weighing it down. You can browse through our extensive range of 6-cell LiPo batteries or consult with our experts to help you pick one that strikes an optimal balance between weight and performance.