2S LiPo Batteries

Best 2S LiPo Battery to Boost Your Device’s Performance

Lithium Polymer 2-cell batteries, better known as 2s LiPo battery, are one of the most used power sources for consumer electronics devices and gadgets. Read more

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What Do All the Numbers & Letters on Your 2S LiPo Battery Mean?

All LiPo batteries are labelled with a set of numbers and letters. Understanding the significance of these numbers and letters is the key to operating and utilizing your 2S LiPo battery.

At RCBattery, we understand that these symbols can become a little overwhelming for a layman operating 2s batteries. So, our experts here have compiled a list of all the numbers and acronyms on your best 2s lipo battery that will help you to operate it safely.

Capacity (mAh)

The capacity of the 2S Lipo battery is one of the first things you must check. Out of all the numbers and letters on your battery, the capacity is indicated by a number followed by MAh (milliAmpere-hour). This number tells you just how much power your battery can hold & how long it can power your RC device uninterrupted before it drains completely.

Under ideal circumstances, the higher the capacity of your LiPo 2S battery, the longer your device will run. However, you must consider several other factors to consider as well when purchasing your LiPo battery.

Cell Count (S)

The S on your LiPo battery stands for Series and the number before it is used to indicate how many cells are connected in series inside the LiPo battery. For instance, if your LiPo battery has a 2S marking, it indicates that it has two cells connected in series.

Furthermore, each cell in a LiPo battery has a nominal voltage of 3.7V. So, your lipo battery 2s has a voltage of 7.4V (i.e., 2*3.7V).

Discharge Rate (C)

The discharge rate or the C rating on your 2s LiPo battery is a safety measure used to indicate the maximum current (measured in Amperes) you can draw from your battery without damaging it. Now, the C Rating in itself can be slightly misleading. So, you can follow the following formula to calculate the maximum current your battery can draw.

Max Current Drawn = Capacity (mAh) * Discharge Rate (C)

In other words, if your 2S LiPo batteries have a 2000mAh capacity and a discharge rate (C) of 50, then the maximum current you can safely draw from it will be 2600mAh (2.6A) * 50 C = 130A.

Theoretically, you can exceed this recommended draw limit. However, it will eventually lead to overheating and damage your 2S LiPo batteries in the long run.

Voltage (V)

The collective voltage of your LiPo battery is dependent on the number of cells (S) present within your battery pack. As per standards, the voltage generally goes up in multiples of 3.7V. So, you will find lipo 2s battery in the range of 3.7V (i.e., a 1S LiPo battery) to 22.2V (i.e., a 6S LiPo battery).

Now that you understand what these numbers and letters mean, we hope that you will be able to utilize your LiPo 2S battery to its fullest potential.

Got any further concerns about your 2 cell LiPo batteries? Feel free to reach out to our experts at RCBattery— we will be happy to help you with all your queries and help you choose the right batteries for your electronic gadgets and devices.